Acupuncture and Reflexology in preparation for birth and labour

Preparing your body to give birth acupuncture-and-pregnancy

Three to four weeks prior to the due date, treatment to prepare the pelvis and cervix can be commenced. This is followed by one treatment per week until labour begins. It incorporates acupuncture and reflexology and can be surprisingly relaxing for the mother to be.

Research from Germany indicated with this treatment there potential for a more efficient active stage of labour.  A New Zealand study with midwives indicated a reduction in women requiring medical intervention, including medical induction and caesarean section.


Acupuncture can provide a gentle inducement to labour if the baby is overdue and can be an effective alternative to a medical induction. Research from Norway on the use of acupuncture for women with premature rupture of membranes (PROM) concluded that “Ideally acupuncture treatment should be offered to all women with PROM and other women who wish to use this method to facilitate their birth and keep it normal”.